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The Technical Articles section provides a wide variety of detailed technical content covering a wide area of material which has been written by our technical team members.


IBM Guardium 9.5 VM Installation – Avoiding the Pitfalls


This technical article will guide the reader through a basic installation of Guardium V9.5 and focus on some of the more obvious do’s and don’ts. If nothing else, if this is your first time installing Guardium this article will save you hours of head scratching. Note that there are no easily accessible trials for IBM Guardium however the IBM Part Numbers have been referenced to ease location of the required software.

Running multiple separate executables in one application.


Historically data input applications only allowed a user to access one part of the application at any one time. If a user needed to access another part of the application, for example to view customer details whilst updating an order, he or she would need to stop what they were doing and navigate to another part of the same application. As applications have grown larger and more complex this becomes a big user productivity drain.

This article describes how to solve this problem elegantly and simply in Genero, by allowing multiple modules of the same application to run concurrently in a single window.

Navigating a Genero Application


In Informix 4GL the only way to navigate an application is using a “ring” menu. This works very well when the application has a small number of modules with one menu but in complex applications, where there are many modules grouped into various submenus, the ring menu makes navigating the application very cumbersome. Modern alternatives such as tree-view and drop-down menus don’t exist in 4GL, but they do exist in Genero!

New Features in AGS Server Studio & Sentinel


AGS Server Studio & Sentinel are the tools of choice for day-to-day Informix DBA tasks, SQL development and system monitoring. For those who have been using it as long as we have, it is worth recapping on some of the features added since our version 7 video demos at were created.

Understanding your Informix Configuration


With Informix versions 11.50, 11.70 and 12.10 IBM has introduced an array of new configuration parameters that support new advanced capabilities and provide increased flexibility and agility. With all of these versions IBM has also introduced greater self-management capability meaning that the database server can more readily adapt to its environment and workload – the database server itself takes control over part of its run-time configuration.