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AGS: Release 10 New Features Explained


Server Studio™ & Sentinel™ — the premiere suite of integrated system management tools for IBM Informix® data servers — has been updated! The new Release 10 of this industry-leading multi-platform graphical development and management environment provides DBAs and developers with an even richer collection of easy-to-use, proven tools to manage complexities of the Informix data servers' infrastructure — from initial design and development, all the way through to production deployment and successful operational service. This article will visually explain the features, benefits and usage of release 10.

IDS on a journaled file system


Most modern Linux distributions install a journaling file system, i.e., a file system that keeps track of changes, by default. While providing excellent recovery for standard file types on the disk, such journaling can be significantly detrimental for a database server. Raw devices are becoming obsolete on many distributions, as DIRECT_IO can give comparable performance. Choosing the right file filesystem and appropriate features is an important decision for a database server administrator, getting this right from the start can prevent headaches further down the line.

Avoiding locked tables while indexes are replicated


You may experience problems with some applications such as Sage Line 500 running on Informix Dynamic Server with High Availability Data Replication (HDR). When running period end or maintenance programs that recreate tables after purging some of the contents, the table may not immediately be available afterwards, causing the program to crash. This article provides a work-around.

Easy IWA: Part 4 Running a selection of TPCH Queries accelerated by IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator 12.10.FC4


This fourth and final article in the Easy IWA series provides a demonstration of accelerating a selection of TPCH queries, based on the TPCH warehouse queries, by IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator. Building on previous articles, this provides the ability to accelerate a set of SQL  queries within a directory against IWA with sub-second timing, demonstrating the speed of query acceleration that can be attained. Provided with this article are the SQL queries and a driver script where a database (or multiple databases) is specified and the SQL queries are run against the specified database with the request to accelerate by IWA

Easy IWA: Part 3 Creating and Loading Data Marts under IBM Informix 12.10.FC4 and IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator


This third article in the Easy IWA series provides specific worked examples of creating two Data Marts under IBM Informix Dynamic Server and IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator 12.10.FC4. Both examples use the “smart mart” utility, with the first example loading from external tables into IBM Informix tables and subsequently into an IWA Data Mart; the second loads directly into an IWA Data Mart from external tables. Both examples use the TPCH data generation utility and schema as detailed in a previous article, with the addition of the removal of unsuitable “*_comment” columns via a simple in-line pipe and sed or awk approach.