Technical Articles

The Technical Articles section provides a wide variety of detailed technical content covering a wide area of material which has been written by our technical team members.


Easy IWA: Part 2 Creating an IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator under 12.10.FC4


This second article in the Easy IWA series details how to create an Accelerator under IBM Informix 12.10.FC4 Workgroup and Advanced editions. Worked examples to establish initial memory requirements are provided, which is key to effective and efficient resource usage and ensuring that initial provisions are reasonable. The Accelerator provides the interface between IBM Informix and the Warehouse Accelerator, performing mart administration and query processing.

Easy IWA: An Introduction to the Easy IWA Technical Articles Series


This article provides an overview of the Easy IWA Technical Articles Series. Using the TPCH database schema, Data Generation utilities and sample queries from, this series covers everything to get up and running with IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator including data generation, creation of an accelerator, loading a Data Mart and running a set of queries.

An Introduction to the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)


ILMT is an ever increasingly more important piece of software with the growth in usage of virtualized technology. This article provides a brief overview of what ILMT is, why it may be relevant and some considerations with deployment.

Unload to a flat file without dbaccess!


The ‘unload’ command is not part of SQL, it is functionality built into dbaccess, other command line utilities and some GUI tools. This article shows how to extract data to a flat file directly from SQL in your application code (for instance), but only in version 11.50.xC6 or later.